Team Loco Races

As far as how the race itself got started, we had always harbored the idea of a race, but never actually started one until 2014 when several of us were sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Memphis the morning of what turned out to be a canceled St Jude Marathon. Several Locos had planned to qualify for either Marathon Maniacs or Half Fanatics in Memphis and it seemed a shame to let the hard work of the previous races go to waste, so we banded together and put together what was a very low key, no frills race. Even though we had to take the race to the Tucker Creek trail in Conway due to time constraints it seemed to go well with runners so keep it there.


In 2018, the Team Loco Marathon/Half Marathon celebrated its 5th anniversary with a brand new course.  It was still at the Tucker Creek Trail in Conway, but started at the back of the Conway Regional Fitness Center and went North on the trail to Gatlin Park.